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About Me

Artist Statement

My artwork is a reflection of an ongoing process of self discovery; it is as much about the intuitive process of creating it as it is about the finished piece. I am motivated by the desire to create layers using different techniques, people and objects to build scenes of overlapping meanings. The imagery in my work is informed by my lived experience as a woman, the tropical landscapes of my childhood and the heritage of strangers, friends and family that has been bestowed upon me over the years. Source material often comes from my own or old photographs, sketches of human bodies, organic matter and places I feel connected to. Looking between the cracks, I am drawn to the irregularities and complexities of physical things. I intertwine aspects of these gathered materials to create new imagined scenes that fluctuate between playfulness and realism.


Ansoara is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist with a background rooted in painting, photography and textiles. She is Venezuelan-Canadian and has a BA in philosophy from Concordia University. Her work varies from a realist style of painting to digital photo collages to wearable upcycled creations. Her paintings interweave the inner worlds of personal and cultural identity, gender and sexuality, while exploring and affirming notions of nostalgia, heritage and roots.

Constantly exploring the connections between physical self, identity, and the outer world, she is fascinated by the physicality of human bodies, guided by the mingling of human and non-human forms, as well as the world of plants.

Her work has been shown in various group shows in Montreal and Toronto such as the Feminist Art Conference where she served as a panelist. She is an avid tree climber and explorer of hidden places.  


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